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Unleash the potential of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), digitalisation and advanced analytics for your business to fully realise the potential of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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Our experienced team boasts expertise in the full range of Industry 4.0 technologies. With our expert help you can navigate them successully and not just survive but thrive in the fourth Industrial Age.

Change is coming. Those who survive will need to understand the opportunities and be ready to adapt. That begins with our Industry 4.0 consultancy services where we help you spot the digitalisation opportunities that will deliver the most impactful returns for your business.

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Process Hub

ProcessHub is an industry-leading AI-powered plant analytics and data innovation platform. It kepps physical assets and mission-critical infrastructure operating at peak effciency while empowering personnel with insights and actionable information for better decision-making.


Digital Twins

Combine simulation technology with advanced analytics, including AI and machine learning, to uncover unparalleled insights. Visualise your data and operations in new ways to improve process understanding and collaboration across functional teams. This way, you gain certainty and foresight over the future to build smarter, more robust plans and optimise resources and investment for the perfect balance between cost and performance.

Expert integration

Most industrial environments feature heterogeneous hardware and software landscapes, where integration can be a barrier to optimisation and performance improvements. Open solutions, standardised communications and expert integration skills are key to maximising all performance and optimisation initiatives you undertake. Our team has the skills you need.

Predictive analytics

Preventative maintenance has long been a goal of industrial sites and operations. New low-cost sensor technology and reliable wireless communication methods are making it more possible that ever. Now maintenance solutions can bring in new data that was previously inaccessible – integrating sound and vision as well as temperature, speed, heat, and other standard metrics – to create truly predictive solutions for corrosion detection and other predictive maintenance tasks.

Augmented Reality

AR is an important area for industry – helping teams to tackle operational and engineering challenges across operations and locations. Our team builds solutions that transform engineers and technicians into super engineers and technicians who can bring new dimensions of knowledge to everyday scenarios. We partner with realwear to bring its hardware to the country for the first time. To enable data visualization and video collaboration, we are building new software solutions inhouse as well as integrating third-party systems with realware.

Data visualisation / Secure connectivity?

New 5G technologies offer new opportunities to bring together remote operations, teams and locations to bring a new level of visibility and collaboration to your operations. It paves the way for innovative applications, especially for IIoT purposes. Integrate sensors and other systems at low cost via LTE/5G for mission-critical operations. Our consultancy team can design your own 5G IIoT networks so you can deploy applications that will transform your operations. 5G is a game-changing network technology and our team is on hand to help you understand and leverage its potential. Do more with less.



Predictive analytics from insights, using ProcessHub


Industrial sensors for manufacturing plants


Augmented reality with integrated hardware


Secure connectivity via LTE/5G for mission-critical operations


System integration expertise


Digital Twins: bespoke scenario analysis

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Case Studies


Model the infrastructure of an oil and gas plant to enable predictive analytics for maintenance optimization. Pinpointing problems and suggesting solutions.
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The King Abdulaziz Center for World Cultures

Improve the onboarding experience for volunteers and manage volunteer resources more efficiently. Automating volunteer onboarding and management processes.
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Saudi Aramco iktva Forum and Exhibition

Saudi Aramco launched the “In-Kingdom Total Value Add” (iktva) Program with the goal of increasing the added value by the local suppliers and supporting the local industry development. iktva, in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030, is a Saudi Aramco strategic imperative and a value-creation program that will enable a globally competitive Saudi industrial base.
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Al Janadriyah festival

Al Janadriyah festival features a variety of activities, sports (including camel racing), dancing (almost unheard of in the kingdom), arts, living history, falconry, traditional arts and crafts, and is a showcase for government institutions and services, both Saudi and international.
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Realware 1z1

Helping the Kingdom’s oil and gas business to implement a predictive maintenance programme based on augmented reality. Bringing new opportunities for OEE improvements to Saudi Aramco.
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First version of volunteer management system for King Abdulaziz Center for World Cultures
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