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Data-driven insights

We are increasingly operating in data-rich environments, but how do we use that data to make better strategic decisions? Transformation rests on bringing together myriad data sources to eliminate existing silos of information, then identifying, combining and managing data to produce meaningful information that can drive better outcomes. The Takamul team can assist with data architecture, technology platforms, security and governance, statistics and modelling to help you through the entire transformation journey step by step.

Data visualisation

How do you deliver data insights to the people that need them, at the time they need them, and in the format they need them? Our team builds highly interactive, web-based dashboards across multiple platforms: web, mobile, apps, for export to Excel or other third-party apps. We help you ensure you team has the right data and insights at their fingertips. Present data in charts and maps, drill down to the right level of granularity and detail, identify patterns and anomalies and make your data meaningful.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Grappling with big data sets sometimes requires a little extra help. Our team can help you deploy cloud-native machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to manipulate large or diverse datasets, handle complex calculations and identify novel insights. We engineer our data solutions as native cloud applications to leverage the scalability and compute power of the cloud and the AI and ML toolsets that exist, for example, in Microsoft Azure. This can be delivered in the public cloud or as an on-premise cloud solution. Our AI-powered solutions for on-premise installation include ProcessHub for real-time insights. Our customers leverage our engineering expertise across different industry fields and use cases to create efficiencies and gain unparalleled competitive advantage.

How we
do it



We begin by understanding your business transformation goals. By applying our deep understanding of data with your knowledge of your own operations and organisational goals, we can help you make sense of your data.


Get your data ready:

identify, clean, combine and manage. Break down the silos that exist within your organisation.


Architect and build:

a cloud-based data warehouse or data lake solution with security at its heart.



apply statistical modelling to reveal data-driven insights. Create highly intuitive, graphical dashboards and digital twins that empower your staff to understand your data and put it to use. Leverage the scalability and compute power of the cloud to power AI and ML tools – further driving the value you extract from your data.



did we deliver? Have you realised your organisational transformation goals?



continually learn from your data to develop the solutions to drive greater insights and create a virtuous circle of insight and learning. 

Our Work

Case Studies


Model the infrastructure of an oil and gas plant to enable predictive analytics for maintenance optimization. Pinpointing problems and suggesting solutions.
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The King Abdulaziz Center for World Cultures

Improve the onboarding experience for volunteers and manage volunteer resources more efficiently. Automating volunteer onboarding and management processes.
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Saudi Aramco iktva Forum and Exhibition

Saudi Aramco launched the “In-Kingdom Total Value Add” (iktva) Program with the goal of increasing the added value by the local suppliers and supporting the local industry development. iktva, in alignment with Saudi Vision 2030, is a Saudi Aramco strategic imperative and a value-creation program that will enable a globally competitive Saudi industrial base.
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Al Janadriyah festival

Al Janadriyah festival features a variety of activities, sports (including camel racing), dancing (almost unheard of in the kingdom), arts, living history, falconry, traditional arts and crafts, and is a showcase for government institutions and services, both Saudi and international.
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Realware 1z1

Helping the Kingdom’s oil and gas business to implement a predictive maintenance programme based on augmented reality. Bringing new opportunities for OEE improvements to Saudi Aramco.
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First version of volunteer management system for King Abdulaziz Center for World Cultures
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SEE-U is the new way to engage with customers using a simple but powerful unified customer experience platform. SEE-U is one platform, but with bespoke solutions for every type of business We offer specific, optimised business solutions which are designed to make life easier for clients in a wide range of industries and markets, and to capture vital customer data from them more efficiently.
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