Realware 1z1

Helping the Kingdom’s oil and gas business to implement a predictive maintenance programme based on augmented reality. Bringing new opportunities for OEE improvements to Saudi Aramco.


The desire to implement a proactive, predictive maintenance programme based on accurate data inspired this proof of concept for Saudi Aramco. The oil and gas company continually seeks to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and safety on its sites. It knew that a predictive maintenance approach would help to deliver new OEE improvements.


The augmented reality proof of concept project brings together several important Industry 4.0 technologies: connectivity, advanced systems integration, data analytics, cybersecurity and simulation as well as augmented reality. Takamul engineers worked closely with Huawei to develop a state-of-the-art LTE/ 5G network to connect the different areas of the plant and feed in real-time information from important data points around the plant. Takamul had already developed a digital twin of the plant using ProcessHub, a specialist AI-powered platform for the oil and gas sector. Saudi Aramco wanted these predictive insights to be available to field engineers so they could take timely action, so integration with ProcessHub and the predictive analysis was an important part of the augmented reality experience. Blueprints, plans and maintenance documentation were also integrated with the overall solution, so that engineers could access them when required. Engineers wear ATEX-certified head-mounted devices from Realware to access the system. Now, they can connect with engineers from around the plant and offsite using a simple voice command. Voice commands are also used to call up supporting documentation and other plant information and analysis to support engineering work.


Knowledge transfer and collaboration across and within teams has been enhanced. Engineers now have immediate access to subject matter experts. Plus, information about current states and predictive analysis can be overlaid on plant and viewed through the Realwear devices. This is helping to improve maintenance efficiency whilst at the same time enhancing maintenance outcomes. The proof of concept has been deemed a success and plans have begun to extend the approach to wider operations. Moving forward, the Realwear devices will also be integrated into training and induction programmes to enhance and inform engineer onboarding and upskilling.



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